To my reckless drivers,

be a source of peace not havoc

tread upon this earth with humility and wisdom

walk upon it with caution and grace

be like the wind as you are

free falling and simple

not a force that is disliked

a wave to not be beckoned with

a tide of destruction

a current that is too untamed to be met with

be like a beacon of light

a guide and inspiration

one that is followed and sought for in the dark horizon

not one that is blinding

and strayed far away from

be like the fire you were born to be

a spark of hope and change

one that is warm and brazen

not one that burns and devours

is feared and hated

be a story of redemption and renewal

not of rebellion and risk

let your actions be that which bring you honour

not that which rob you of it

be like the Prophet, the best role model

be a mentor and a teacher

gentle and loved

soft yet strong

lead those that look up to you

lead those whom you touch lives with

do not give them reasons to stray

leave chaos for serenity

choose to exist and be in this world with a balance that is perfect

we as beings bring good and bad unto the earth

do not let the bad swallow the good

and outweigh your light that was made to shine

remember in the end, each is to their own

it is you who paves your future

and your past is the guidebook

only you will choose the right path to success and wisdom

and no one can ever do it for you.



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I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?