hey world

i was born into you, and raised by your inexperienced hands

and from the days where i could see and be

you whispered commands and your own hopes and dreams for me

be this, be that

not this, but that

but little did we know,

how futile your efforts would have been

for your own good, i ask politely

please do not try to contain me

it will not end well.

it never does, trust me on this one

for your own good, believe in me

please let me steer my own ship

i was not made to be kept and hidden

boxed and quiet

don’t tell water to turn to fire

fire to turn to water

you may try and try and try

but you can never change a base

i am a fire that burns

i was not made to be the sea, nor the wind

why change an element that was never created to be altered?

do not beg for me to be the earth or that which pleases you

instead take from my warmth

the light of my flame

admire its sparks and let it be your guide in the night

we each embark on our own journeys

with different maps, yet the same destination

so on our own we must travel

sometimes we cross paths, find guides and journey together

but we cannot share our maps to find success —

each is made personalised for each traveller

i will be the mother of kindness, compassion and love

growth, strength and honour

i will be the queen of my kingdom

but do not tell me how to rule,

how to raise my children

whisper gently, aid my castle

but do not take sovereignty over what is not yours

and only then when we both understand – together we can flourish

and be the elements we were made to be



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I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?