I welcome you to the art of writing straight from the subconscious and the preservation of a dual, interconnected train of thought.

We attempt to mask our discussions with what we preoccupy our lives with

But then as we carry on our hearts desires begin to expose themselves

We walk on eggshells shielding the true reality of our hearts deepest wants

Such is the fragility of the human

Sucuumbed by desire

We try to drink and taste the sweetness of a cup that must be empty

Always yearning, yet never receiving – only except for scarce droplets that leave too soon

The unrelenting thirst will only be quenched when the heart can take no more

The sun does not set and rise again except that the heart longs for it to set once more

The mind a scattered mess of longing and forgetting, the heart in a circus that never sleeps – harbouring palpitations and summersaults.

To suppress ones true feelings is a form of the darkest torture

But with it there is hope, and light that will come

Spring, the season of new beginnings has ended and it’s now summer, the season to eat the fruits of spring has come



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I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?