Lovesick — The Human Condition

2 min readNov 16, 2021


Photo by Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash

I do not believe in half-lovers or half-lives

I do not let myself ponder on the reality of now

Instead I am stuck in a limbo I cannot will myself out from,

Caught up in a spiral of highs and lows

Drugged and derived

My mind — a fragmented puzzle of euphoria and conflict

Trapped in the centre of a whirlwind

Fuelled by an emotion that has no label

A feeling that leaves me whole and hollow

Fulfilled and famished

Absenteeism, and a mind that has forgotten how to rationalise,

To focus and process

Simultaneously on cloud 9 and falling from it

These months on end, where I have found and lost direction — I am torn and disassembled

My clogs of productivity have rusted and I wish only for them to turn

I think, but with a deactivated mind and only the heart

This is a time of sickening sweetness that I wish to be set free from

Intoxicated by what I cannot have

Crazed by the drops of gold I try to salvage

This extended period of days with no end — with and without you — is one like none other

The dehydration leaves me dizzy

To live or to die?

That is the only suitable fatalism that seems at odds

I patiently await for the asphyxiation to cease

To have you at last and leave this sickness in the past.




I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?