Here are some of my quick random someday submissions I wrote for MSA’s Got Talent but aren’t actually going to submit. I guess these are on the two extremes, thought I’d chuck em here anyways because “preservation”.

I told my siblings that I lost all my creative juices, my sister suggests I write an acrostic poem — and so I wrote this in a minute for the lols. Kind of liked it not going to lie.

Silly me

On my way to writing a poem

My mind wandered far and wide

Energetic was I

Drowning in my thoughts, I lost my creativity spark

And maybe, someday I’ll find it again

Yay I finished my submission

After writing this piece, I re-learnt something about myself — I really struggle to write based on a specific theme and constraint, it is only when it comes naturally and flows that I am able to produce quality. Reflecting on everything I have ever written — 90% of the pieces are written as a result of emotion and the spur of the moment. Found that quite interesting. Nonetheless here it is and I still like it.

A mother looks at her child through a polished screen and feigns a smile,

Another from across a table as the room shakes with an oppressors silent rage,

And the last rocks her baby from side to side as she shields its innocents ears from a gunshots fire.

Tell me, how am I supposed to feel?

When I witness the breakages of all these unwritten seals?

This is a violation of humanity,

my strangled spirit screams

Mother, how can I live if this is all I see?

All is hopeless, it truly seems.

Mother tells me my empathy will be the death of me

She whispers softly —

oh my daughter, from the sorrows of this world we cannot flee

We are all but roses,

ephemeral and bound to life’s pleas


I know by nature this world was designed to break —

but just for a second, just for one moment,

hear me out, please for my sake

I know someday the children will roam free

I do not doubt our Lords decree

My mother quietly nods and so I dream myself to a place of the imaginary

one with kingdoms and fairies

silk gowns and golden thrones

undying joy and laughter for all of eternity

Mother tells me Jannah is whatever I wish it to be

Someday, all the pain of our mothers will come to a cease,

and together we will bathe under the golden sun and the winds cool breeze

But as for now we hold on tight to Allah's rope

and pray we do not lose hope.

because it is written fate,

that freedom awaits

not today,

but someday we will be free.



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I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?