The Greatest Battle is Yet to be Fought

This is fire.

A fire that burns deep within us all. One that roars, thinks and acts with intellect.

But our match is unlit, our fire trampled over in a stampede of our desires.

We journey through our lives, desperately clinging to illusions of happiness. Facade after facade. Anxiety after anxiety, Diversion after diversion.

As we sift through lovers, friends and foes — not once do we ask ourselves — how long will this illusion of happiness last?

Because surely they too, all leave one day.

We wake up, we eat, we sleep & we repeat. And Never really ask why? We claim we live as we simply exist. We cry, we don’t. We suppress, we express. We laugh, we fight.

Music to drown reality, instagram for eye-candy, talk to fuel our time and gossip in hushed tones to curtain our hearts.

We listen, then obey — the whispers of our desires. Ever so comfortable in our cave of delusion, cradled by our ignorant content. Yet even then, we are never truly content, are we? A part of us; always aching, yearning, and searching for more.

So caught up in the little intricacies of our little lives we don’t notice the slight tearing, the cracks from all the corners. The fragileness and frailty of it all. Until one day everything suddenly collapses. In a single moment, life as you’ve known it is totally destroyed and demolished. What just happened, why is she yelling you’re probably thinking.

I am here to break it to you that — yes you are now dead. Its dark. It’s quiet. You feel the walls close in — squeezing you. The physical pain is almost indescribable, and there are no words that can be used to explain your deep, deep regret. Your entire life passed ever so swiftly it seemed to have only lasted a day or a week at most.

You focused on the things that never mattered. And you know this, only now — when it doesn’t matter.

You know I remember your eyes as you took that last breath you spent a lifetime denying. They were looking up at the sky.

Ever wondered why in the last moments of death they always look up? Your eyes shot up in your final moments as you watched in awe and sheer terror as your soul left through your lips, carried by the mighty wings of an angel to the skies to decide your eternal fate.

Oh and that body you once polished ever so carefully — and made sure shone from every corner for all the people to see and admire. Yes, that flawless image that you displayed in the glittering glass of the trophy cabinet is in the mud now.

Your naive eyes were bedazzled by all that glitter. You were too distracted — you were made blind from noticing the dust settling in from within. Your trophy was lost amongst the array of others. It didn’t matter and it never did. But that didn’t matter because you never realised — you were too foolish as you played into the hands of their little game.

And guess what. Your trophy is now literally lifeless. Nothing but decayed bones and crumbled particles. A great feast for the worms.

Does the human being think that we cannot assemble his bones?

The world is a dark sea we cannot navigate. We will forever wander and lose ourselves in the dark. All of humanity is in loss. Our flames died out and we became too accustomed to the darkness to ever even notice.

But hey I’ll let you in on a secret. There is an exception. There are some who are enlightened. The wise who fight the flow, who are determined to reach the better destination. They have found a light to guide them. They have found the flame of the fire.

Have you ever wondered why the only time a heart will ever experience true peace and serenity is only through the deen? Ever wondered why it’s so impossible to describe the feeling — the sweetness of iman — submitting to the one above? Islam is our natural fitrah, the way we have been created. Stop trying to hit the arrow without the light. It will never end well.

We have all been created pure — an open flame — but society, sin, socialisation, education, upbringing, is slowly blinding our sight, dumping water on us — clouding our fitrah — until slowly we are nothing but a wet match.

We must uncloud the fitrah, dry our match and light our flame — awaken the truth that exists within them — the reality that Allah is our RAB (lord) and he deserves praise and worship. Submit your soul to the one who created it because the greatest battle is yet to be fought. Will you light your flame or remain in the darkness?

Our chase for the life of this little world has soaked our matches in delusion. Today the Muslim ummah has become 1.8 billion wet matches.

And my brothers and sisters, a wet match is one that will never light up.



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I dump some of my raw, unedited thoughts, emotions and ideas here, some refined ones too. It’s a bit of a chaotic, wonderful, mess. Dare to venture within?